Where Life Lives

Nature, which should be a sustainable living place for all living things in it, was actually destroyed by a supposedly intelligent creature among its inhabitants.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) reveals the fact that rainwater that should have lived on the earth, was dumped directly into the sea into salt water. Who can do this ? Only intelligent beings - humans can do it - 54% of run-offs are due to human activity.

As a result of course people themselves will first suffer, according to the same source 2/3 of humanity will have difficulty accessing water within only the next seven years (2025). Apart from humans, of course other creatures also become victims. According to UNDP 8% of the lives have been destroyed from the face of the earth and another 22% are heading towards extinction.

According to the UNDP also, in the last half century (since 1970) natural disasters have risen 4 times. If in 1970 there are only 100 natural disasters in the world on average per year, now there are an average of 400 natural disasters every year. Among others, the effects of seasonal changes and greenhouses have increased by 50% in the last quarter of a century.

What has happened we cannot change it, but for the future - intelligent beings - this is given the ability to be able to make improvements. Only humans are entrusted by the Creator with a message not to damage the universe and disturb its balance, even for those who have already been destroyed - the message is also given to humans to rebuild that balance by doing justice and not exceeding the limits.

Even this improvement does not need to be grandiose, because we are only given the task to make improvements that we can. But as much as we can, it's not like we walk casually - but run fast until we pass out - when we pass out it's our limit!

Then repairs to the damages of life in nature that have happened as revealed in some of these facts, we will only be able to do it if we are serious - like we run unconscious

Based on the intention to make these serious improvements, we initiated an idea with what we call the Biosphere Project.

Biosphere is a term for a place where life lives.
The biosphere has at least three life-supporting elements, namely soil (lithosphere), water (hydrosphere) and air (atmosphere). The three life support that is now seriously damaged is what the Biosphere Project wants to begin to improve.

Well, of course it's like walking for a thousand steps - it still has to start from the first two steps. Likewise with this Biosphere Project, we have to start somewhere - that is one - two initial steps.

And here we are. The first - two steps of more than 1000 steps we have begun.

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