An Eco-crowdfunding platform focus on revitalization and conservation project.

To create a social and environmental impact that can fix natural damages on earth.
We use a Blockchain-powered system that provides complete traceability, transparency, system security, and immutability.

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How does the Biosphere eco-crowdfunding work?

How Biosphere Work?
  • 1  Public (it can be individuals or organizations) that care about the environment make a donation or investment on Biosphere eco-crowdfunding Platform.
  • 2  The project owner will receive donations or investments obtained through Biosphere, then the project starts immediately on the kick-off date.
  • 3  This step and so on applies if the type of project is commercial or green equity. In this process, yields from planting are traded to eco-industries.
  • 4  Project owner share the trading profit with investors through Biosphere platform.
  • 5  Biosphere distributes the returns to the investors at the end of the year during the project runs.

Project Type


Social Fund Social Funds is a Social Project (donation) for environmental conservation in collaboration with a Non-profit Organization like Foundation, Cooperative or Government Organization.


Green Equity Green Equity is an innovative way to invest on Commercial Projects (equity) for a green based projects that has a social and environmental impact to fix natural damages on earth.

Our Running Projects

We're on a mission to create a comprehensive sustainable solution to fix natural damages on Earth.

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